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What is Nova Semita?

We're out to bring the best of Indian talent under one umbrella.

Nova Semita helps you step up your game through training, mentoring & networking. Get to be around people as hungry as you are, unlock opportunities and land the hottest jobs in tech.

Built through student feedback, we're everything that you wish college was.



Pick up future-proof skills. Personalised Resources.



Intern with startups, build out your ideas into marketable products!



Our fellows, mentors and partner companies have got your back.

The online fellowship runs in parallel to college, and can be completed at your own pace.

Open to ambitious and tech-savvy college students in their final and pre-final years.

Current Tracks

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

UI/UX Design

Product Management

You are in good company!

Mentors from our network are building the future.


While we stand on the shoulders of giants.


Our Beliefs


Opportunities for all

Talented students across Indian colleges are deserving of opportunities on par with their peers at top-tier colleges (IITs/BITS/NITs). We're levelling the playing field.

Grades don't define skills

Good grades are always an asset. But that doesn't imply that grades define one's overall potential, skillset and performance in the industry. Yesterday's grades shouldn't handicap your future.


Institutions which care

Students have heavily invested in entrance exam coaching and colleges, services which do not guarantee any returns. We decided to flip that -- we invest in promising students.

Play the job market

Traditionally, individuals don't bag exciting tech jobs because they have been trained for skills of the past. Our project based training constantly mirrors the industry needs.

Free Till You Get A Job

Like how investors gain only when their startups grow, we gain only when our fellows accelerate their career. We invest in resources for you, and take the risk on ourselves.

In return, we get 12% of your income for 3 years upon you earning above Rs 5 LPA.

In case we fail to get you there ASAP, you don't have to pay us anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This fellowship is primarily targeted towards final year college students. If you are a younger student and want to join in just for the purpose of learning and expanding your opportunities, we'd urge you to put in an application. However, we may not be able to entertain your application for the ongoing cohort. If you are a graduate or a working professional and are interested in what we are doing, do apply and we'll get back to you when we open up the program for these disciplines.

For now, Nova Semita primarily trains and helps fellows find jobs in web development and UI/UX design. However, we have also helped fellows play to their strengths and access opportunities in data science, robotics and business related domains. We do not force people to do things that they do not like, and take care to personalize the track they've chosen to suit their specific needs, goals and interests.

Yes. All of our fellowships are remote by default, and work over the internet. We use tools that are used by remote / distributed companies to communicate and collaborate. We do actively encourage and host meet-ups with fellows and mentors who are located in the same college or city.

Everyone has their own learning style as well as demands on time. For this reason, live lectures can be very limiting. The internet has revolutionized the way we learn, and we get you access to a variety of curated content from the very best instructors in the world. This helps you pick up topics at your convenience, while letting our technical facilitators focus on challenging you and covering up gaps in your understanding.

While we do know that it takes a fellow around 6 months of focused part time work (on an average) to gain industry grade competency, our commitment is to work with our fellows till they land a job / position which realises their potential.

Nova Semita's fellowship is designed to run in parallel to your college or work. Our fellows typically spend between 10 - 15 hours a week on work related to the fellowship until they get hired. We notice that a majority of our fellows putting in bursts of time over the weekend.

We expect our fellows to be committed to the program, but we are very flexible in working around class/work schedules, especially during hectic times, like before a big exam or project deadline.

We help our fellows get jobs across a wide range of companies, in software and well as other domains. Our partner companies range from unicorn startups to small, mission driven startups which are looking for early employees. Expect to get strong referrals to a company that is a good cultural fit for you, when we consider you to be ready to hit the industry.

We would recommend you to join only if you want to take a job right after you graduate.

Although we're confident that you'd love the fellowship experience, you are free to withdraw from the fellowship within the first month of you starting, without any consequence. We'd love to connect you with our current cohort of fellows to help you understand how things run over at Nova Semita.

The fellowship is completely free until you're hired, with no upfront payment involved. You only pay Nova Semita if the program actually works for you - that is, if you take up an offer that pays you ₹5LPA. When that happens, you'd pay us 12% of your pre-tax income over 3 years (36 months). These terms are put down as an 'Income Sharing Agreement' (ISA) and signed off on before the fellowship begins. Click here to read more about it.

Fellows would signing the Income Sharing Agreement across phases of their career : while in college, in the final year or post graduation. For the benefit of everyone, we expect the window of payment to be over 5 years even though a fellow would only be making 36 monthly payments at maximum (i.e. 3 years in all).

Individual contract durations will take into account the time that one will take to graduate from college as well as the fellowship.

It depends on your income. If for 5 years (after graduation) you don't make more than ₹41,667 in any month, you don't pay us anything. If you do end up making good money (which we are sure you would!), you are liable to share with us a maximum of INR 4 Lakh over the entire duration of the agreement.

The Income Share Agreement is a legally binding contract between you and Nova Semita. It requires you to furnish your Income Tax Return documents and other income proofs to Nova Semita. We then verify your income based on your tax returns, bank statements and payment slips.

You'll be charged 12% of your total encashable salary (the amount that hits your bank account before the tax deductions), and not the cost to the company.

You'll pay a percentage of your salary before income tax deductions. If your company engages in tax deduction at source (TDS), we would take that into consideration before calculating your encashable income.

You would be liable to share your income as per the agreement as soon as you begin working at a job / position that pays you an encashable of ₹41,667 in a month (which translates to ₹5 LPA).

It wouldn't come as a surprise to us if you are to use the skills you've picked up with the help of Nova Semita to land a job through campus placements or on your own, since we actively work towards making you a capable and independent individual. For the services and help provided, we do believe we deserve to have a share of your success irrespective of how it arrives. Do note that landing a job which pays over 5LPA on your own isn't an easy feat, and that you'll not have to pay towards the ISA if you land up in a job below 5LPA.

After the month long trial period, the fellow will be bound to sign a legally binding agreement (the ISA) to continue with the fellowship. Given that we take tremendous pains to put together the resources as well as the community, any fellow who wishes to step down from the fellowship after signing the agreement would still be obliged to honor the terms set in it. The fellow would still have access to the community, training and job support.

Fellows must be 18 or older and should have passed their 12th standard board examinations. Beyond that, we look for a demonstrable commitment to improvement and a baseline level of knowledge or skills to be productive in your field. While there is no secret formula, we do our best to work with those we feel like we are in a position to help. At the end of the day, motivation and commitment to the program matter more to us than your existing resume or ability to code.

Our ongoing cohorts are catered towards final year and pre-final year students.

The application process generally takes a week from beginning to end. We may be delayed in getting back to you if we receive a large number of applications, in which case you would be informed of the new timelines. Do complete your tasks on time to pace this up!

No. Although we do not take into consideration your grades or discipline of study, remember that having good grades is never held against you.

The first step involves filling out the application form on which takes about 20-30 minutes to fill in. An ideal candidate would be 'interesting' (in the broad sense of the word), if not in possession of demonstrable efforts or experience.

If you make it through the first step, you will then be required to report back on a few technical tasks that will be mailed to you -- they have been tested against people with zero programming experience, so we hope to see you do well on it. If necessary, we might schedule a phone interview with you before taking a decision on your application.

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